Drone X Pro review[2021].Best Under $100 drone.

Drone X Pro review
Drone X Pro review

What is Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro is a specialized drone in which the front is equipped with a 4k ultra -clear wide angle camera and the bottom is equipped with a high -definition camera, which supports free switching of perspective and provides a wider aerial shooting range. It also contains a bottom shot which support free switching of aerial view.

If I’m not exaggerating Drones are among the most advanced electric device used in the field of aeronautics, photography and videography

Drones is one of the best things that has happened to many photography. Drones has been around for many years but it is mostly use by the military. Drones has become much more popular recent year because of its application and usage has rapidly increase in recent year. It is use in different professional field from military, photography and videography

In many people mind when they hear of Drone they think is a remotely controlled aircraft without a pilots or an aircrafts that releases missiles.

Drones can be defined as any unmanned aircraft or ship which is remotely controlled. Drones can also be called unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It is a quadcopter in the sense that it has four rotors that rotates while it flies.

The best camera drones are now widely use by both individual and professional photography because they can reach areas and shoot from angles that regular camera cannot. They are mainly use to cover  many events ,building and outdoors activities in three dimension form.

Before the advent of drone camera these occasion has been covered by helicopter, some planes or a crane.

If you think you can use a flying camera in your next in project, flying drone x pro will be the great.

Drone x is equipped with an HD camera , you can take fascinating photos and shot footage of great quality from the sky.it support head up angle shooting and also support shoot from overhead.

Features of Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro review
Drone X Pro review

Light weighted

The weight of Drone X Pro is not more than 250g. Drone X Pro is incorporated with many aesthetic elements. It is stable on earth to the point it cannot be easily push away by breeze. Drones X Pro have four rotors that makes it balance while on air.it can be carried from one location to another and does occupy space. Drone X Pro is made up of light weighted material so that it can easily be carried about. You can carry your Drone X Pro while travelling because its rotors is easily foldable. It is made of classic personality folding design.

Long lasting battery capacity

The battery can last for almost 30minutes can easily be recharge. It does not take time to be fully charge.  You don’t need to afraid whether your battery will trip off while flying your drone x because it is made with a strong lithium battery which stores excess powers and it has a built-in monitor so you can easily check its charge percentage. You will be able to know the battery percentage to know when is fully charge.

Phone App RC

Drone X Pro comes with a free app which will be reinstalled into your phone ones you got your Drone X Pro which can also be use to control it. it provides you with a lot of option to choose from. The apps works well both in iPhone and android phones like Samsung, Huawei, Sony,

User friendly

Drone X Pro can be fly even by a Drone novice. You don’t need to an expect for you to able to operate it successfully. It comes with an easy-to-understand guide and also designed in a way that it can be easily fly by anybody.

Controller pad

Drone X Pro has a completely designed controller pad which is use to control the Drone X Pro flying speed, height you want it to fly even the direction of flight.

Drone X Pro is quite easy to control, and you don’t have to possess any drivers or RC pilots license to fly them

High definition camera and video

Drone X Pro has a movie level video resolution ,4k HD, and newly added self-stabilizing electronic anti shake pan tilt which can effectively eliminate the shaking of the camera from different angles thereby improving the image quality.it also has a 120-degree ultrawide angle lens with a wonderful net focus.

Drone X Pro has one of the best cameras.it produces an automatic beauty shot and no need of post editing. It has 12-megapixel lens and the images and videos are very bright.

It can be use to take images in three dimension and can also be use by photographers and videographer.

Drone X Pro is a great source of fun and people really enjoy flying Drone X Pro because it is very light and use in many competition


Drone X Pro is built with a strong and resilience material that prevents it from damaging easily. It can withstand shear pressure.   

Up to 25 minutes of flight time

Unlike other Drones. Drone X Pro has a high flight time which allows it to fly for a longer period of time. The weight of Drone X Pro also supports it high time flight however its four rotors which rotates  with a speed  of about 16meters per seconds improves its altitude holding which is control by turning left and right on the operator Airplanes.

Small size

Drone X Pro can folds down to the size of a sports bottle, small enough to fits in your bag and carry around. In its folding states it measures about 12.5cm by 5.3cm 1hile in its expanded state it is about 25cm by 25cm.   

Where can Drone X Pro be use?

Drone X Pro is used in many are area and has many application

Drone X Pro can be use almost everywhere ranging from indoors to outdoors activities

It can be use for fun and taking pictures and videos.

Drone X Pro review

Drone X Pro specifications

Size   expanded:25x25x5.3cm


Flight performance flight time about 12-15minutes

                                    Flying distance:150 meters 

Remote battery Remote control frequency:2.4HZ

                             Remote battery:3×1.5V “AA” Battery

Body battery  Charging time :about 120minutes

                            Battery capacity:1800mAh lithium battery

Product Features

The fulsage folds

One button take off

One button landing

Hovering at fixed altitude and fixed altitude by air pressure Wi-Fi connection

App control

Gesture camera and gesture video

One click return home

Headless mode

Trachectory flight

Gravity sensor

Speed adjustment

Real time transmission

MV pictures and video sharing

Dual camera

Video quality 4k@30fps

Number of rotors

Control system phone/tablets or remote

Operating range 6km

Built in camera

The camera specification of Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro review

The camera has 12-megapixel resolution combined with a high sensor size which makes its images looks sharper

The larger sensor size helps it to gather more light to achieve this effective outcome of sharp images

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How Drone X Pro works?

Drone X Prois designed with the intension to be operated by everyone. You don’t need to be a professional to be able to fly Drone x pro.  It is user friendly to the point that even a novice will be able to fly drone x pro

When you get your drone x pro the first thing you need to do is to insert the battery and turn on the drone and use your controller pad to fly it. Drone x pro also comes with exceptional app which is both iOS and android supported. You just need to install the iOS version or the android version if you are using iPhone or any android phone respectively. This App help you to have in depth control of your drone so you can fly it to any direction you desire.

Make sure that the two diagonal rotors move in the same side while the other two diagonal rotors rotate in opposite direction. You can then use your controller pad to control it. You can control the speed, the direction you want the drone to fly to. Drones fly better in good weather. It is not advisable to fly drone in adverse weather.

After using the Drone x pro make sure you fold the blade up and package it safely in a box. It is more advisable to get your drone box which will definitely contain all your drone equipment. You can carry your drone to anywhere because it is light weighted and also portable.

Drone X Pro review

Cons and pros of Drone X Pro

Pros of Drone X Pro

It is durable

It has a Long lasting and module battery capacity

It is Light weighted and can easily be carried around  

It has a High video quality

It has a High picture quality

It is easy to use

It has 4k movie camera

It has a foldable body


The pressure must be high for a long endurance

Cannot be fly under heavy winds or rainfall

There are small amount of stocks available

Its Drone X Pro a scam?

No! Drone x pro and all you have heard about it is not a scam. it is a specially designed drone known for its high performance and affordability when compared to other drones. The maker of drone x Pro wants to make sure that that everyone will be able to fly and purchase a drone by making it user friendly and affordable

What makes Drone X Pro too special

Drone x pro is mini drone that is special produced because it has a patented integrated design. The drone can be easily placed in the remote controls luggage box and the phone can also be mounted on the remote which makes it very convenient during the flight.

Rules of flying Drone

Before you start flying drone you have to know the rules and regulation that the federal aviation administration has put in place for flying drones in your country. You should also be aware of your rights and the rights of those around you.

Drones can be fly for fun or to make money

Flying drones just for fun and to share images with your family and friends has no much strict restriction to it.

The price of Drone X Pro

Drone x pro is very cheap and affordable when compare to other drone of the same size and performance rate. Drone x pro has proven to beat many drones which are even more costly than which is the reason behind its rush and many people are going crazy about it.

Best Drone Under $100

Where to buy Drone X Pro

It is advisable to get you drone x from the official website because by doing so you are already entitled to 50% discount price and you are assured of getting the original product. Buying from retail shop the likelihood of being scam is there.

Multiple payment options are available in the official website which include PayPal, Mastercard, visa card and your payment information is always secured with a 256-bit ssl encryption

Frequently asked questions

How high and far can Drone X Pro fly

Drone x pro can fly as high as 50-100meter which makes a best drone under $100

Can Drone X Pro be use indoor

Drone x pro can perfectly be use indoor either for photography or videography

Do I need a permission to fly my drone x pro

No. Since you are using it mainly for fun you don’t need any official permission to fly your drone x

Can Drone X Pro battery be changed

Of course the charger can also be used in car 12V. This requires your car battery to be in good condition. For extreme application with frequent charging on the road. You can also have charge via solar panel

What can of weather would be best to fly my drone x pro

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish and your personal preferences. For marketing photos many professional prefer partly cloudy weather because of the abundant of sunlight along with just enough clouds in the sky to display texture in the photo

Is Drone x pro camera fixed or adjustable

It can be adjust to be able to get images in three dimensional format

Drone X Pro customers review

Many of our customers from California, united kingdom, Canada, brazil who bought this has been calling to appreciate us on how this drone has been helpful for them. In the course of the review, we decided to know their view about the drone x pro.

     I have been looking a good and nice drone that I can buy for under $100 luckily for me I came across drone x pro. I ordered for it immediately and came across to me a few days earlier than promise and I opened it up put the batteries in. I turned on the remote controller pad and it was good. since that day I have been enjoying my Drone x pro

             Cecil Karl- Canada

I found the Drone x pro to be one of the best drone I have ever use. its controller works perfectly more than other drones of the same price or even prices higher than it I have use.

The instruction booklet is students friendly and written in a way that can be understood by everyone both professional and non professional

       Steve carl-California

The drone I received is awesome and very durable. What I like even more was that the company reached out to me to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. This is actually a very cool and awesome thing for the company to do.

Carlos J -United Kingdom

I really like the look and feel. My first drone I have little difficulty flying it. But since I bought drone x pro it has been working perfectly well. landing struts could have been glued on I lost one on first crash. Overall its really great little machine for the cost.

   James smith -Atlanta


Drone X Pro has been proven to be unique when compared to other drones of the same size and amount. It high flight time and nature of its camera has made it spectacular. It is can use by both amateur and professional.it is constructed with portability and durability in mind.

Purchase Your Drone X Pro  

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