Shoesterilizer Pro Review(2021)- This is how I finally fixed my smelly shoe!


Have your friends been complaining that your shoe stinks or have been facing embracement removing your shoe in your office or in the house? Jamie is like rat died in this your shoe? Have they been asking you when last did you wash your shoe or do you find it difficulty removing your shoe in front of your girlfriends? Ha-ha… have you ever notice that when you have not worn a particular shoe for a long time it brings a bad odor which is usually unbearable especially for the people behind you. You even notice that after wearing your shoe for a longtime you develop toenail fungus sometimes.
Maybe you have be spraying nice perfumes in your shoe thinking that the bad smell will be eradicated or you have keeping your shoes under the sun thinking that the smell will eradicate but to no avail. I have thrown many of my expensive shoes because the inside stinks even without wearing it. Don’t worry shoesterilizer pro will solve your worries.

ShoeSterilizer Review

ShoeSterilizer Pro is a gadget which is use for sterilizing, sanitizing and thus deodorizing shoes. It does this by killing and inactivating microorganisms in shoe. ShoeSterilizer Pro destroys nucleic acids and their composition leaving them unable to survive. Biologically it is notice that humid environment encourages the growth of microorganisms. ShoeSterilizer Pro contains ultraviolet irradiation with a band width which destroys those microorganisms that produces stinky smell in our shoe and the ones that causes toenail fungus after wearing our shoe for a long time. The microorganisms is what produces the stinky smell. When the microbes are killed it deodorizes the shoes because the bacteria are what produces the bad smell. ShoeSterilizer Pro also removes excess moisture which also contributes to shoe odor
ShoeSterilizer Pro is extremely good in dealing with bad odors and toenail fungus notice when removing your shoe.

Features of ShoeSterilizer Pro



Instead of keeping your shoe in the cool drying thinking that it will solve the issue. ShoeSterilizer Pro dries, sterilize, sanitize and deodorized your shoe more efficiently.its light and can be carried about even while travelling. ShoeSterilizer Pro does this in less than 20 minutes

Multiple functions

It works both to sterilize, sanitize and deodorized you shoe at the same time. It also prevents Athletic foot sore in people who are highly predisposed because the bacteria causing the foot sore has been killed

Easy to handle and operate

ShoeSterilizer Pro is very easy to handle and operate. You just need to plug it in a light source then put it into your shoe and allows to for time to heat up

It has an automatic stoppage time

ShoeSterlilzer Pro is designed with automatic timing which allow it to switch off when overheated in order not to spoil shoe


ShoeSterilizer Pro is portal small and easy to carry about. It is light weighted and perfect for travels. It can be use in gym centers, offices and in your home

High quality product you can trust

ShoeSteirilizer Pro is made with high quality material but light in weight. It contains a thermoplastic back with some nozzles through which the emission passes through .it contains a controller to control the amount energy being emitted which sufficient to sterilize, sanitize, deodorize and dehumidify the shoe.


It is very can be use for shoe sizes ranging from 35 to 42 .it is use both for female and male shoe cooperate shoes boot sneakers and others


ShoeSterilizer Pro is made up of high quality material which ensures its durability

How does ShoeSterilizer Pro works ?

When ShoeSterlizer Pro is plug to a light source and and its indicator turns red the electrical energy is then converted into ultraviolet radiation at a band width that kills bacteria. The electrical energy produces is also converted to heat energy which dehumidifies the shoe. It has a switch timer which is use to control the amount of heat emitted.
The band width of the light is in the uv range which kills microorganisms that produces bad smell in our shoe and sometimes cause foot sores of the foot.

Shoesterilizer Pro

Pros of Shoesterilizer Pro

It can be use for all shoes like leather shoes, sports shoes, children shoes, running shoes
It is small and easy to carry about
It has an automated timing
It has a reset switch where you can choose how long you want your shoe to be sterilize
It eliminates odors
It kills microorganisms both fungi and bacteria
It can be use by the whole family member
It can also be use for sandal
It can also be use to sanitize wool socks when it has a bad smell
It kills toenail fungus in shoes

Cons of Shoesterilizer Pro

it need electric light to function
It can only be purchase online
It takes about 2-3 days to reach to your destination


Shoesterilizer Pro Customers Reviews

Joe G.

I’m so excited about this product. I used it on my boot and hockey equipment to try to get rid of odors and this really work so perfectly


Worked like a charm. I had a chronic athletes that was relentless. Properly disinfecting my shoes was key to success

Donald T.

I thought this was pretty husky at the beginning but I had to do something with my stinky shoes and socks when the shoesterilizer pro came out of my shoes. After about a month or two of usage I can definitely tell that this work as my shoes and boots no longer smell bad. I am happy with this product

Mat. J.

I have to say I’m happy with this product I did a lot of research checking other products reading reviews and I’m happy I went with this product .


I am amazed of this particular product. it has really build up my self esteem. i am no longer afraid to remove my shoe in front of my colleague


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