Signaltech Wifi Booster Reviews 2022(Updated): Don’t Buy Signaltech Wifi Extender Till You Read This.

Signaltech wifi booster reviews
Signaltech Wifi Booster reviews

Signaltech Wifi Booster is a wireless networking device that extends Wi-Fi signals to hard-to-reach areas in your office or home. It is compatible with standard Wi-Fi routers and keeps multiple devices connected for uninterrupted streaming and a stronger signal. the unit is small, compact, portable, and ideal for travel.

In this review, Signaltech Wifi Booster Reviews we present everything regarding this product. Things like pros, cons, and features were all reviewed. Conditions for this to work best for you were also explained. Please don’t hesitate to spend your time, we understand how tight your schedule looks but give us some minutes. it is entirely free information, hoping to see you in the next paragraph.

Down the page, we provide a link to get this product if you wish to get one for your home or office. The company has promised to offer all our readers a 50% discount on all items purchased through our Link. We strongly believe that this review will be helpful. Let’s go there!!!

Truly, no one enjoys spotty WiFi that drops off in the middle of your favorite movie, causing unending buffering. It is frustrating you might have tried many extenders but you still don’t get what you want. Try this one I’m sure it will solve your internet woes to some extent.

Generally, a wifi extender enables all wireless networks to connect to the internet or a similar network. It does this by pulling in an existing wifi signal from a transmitter kept in a remote location and then amplifying this to all other areas. This is exactly how the Signaltech wifi booster works. Let’s get in now.

Before you Buy this make sure you read our disclaimer so you will know exactly what you can get from this and what you can’t to avoid making some wrong decision. I’m sure you will love it.


Signaltech Wifi Booster is a device that is carefully designed to extend or boost the existing wifi signal in your home or office. It is capable of covering even the dead spots in your place. It is easy to set up and use. You don’t need any computer or electrical knowledge to get this work for you. It is a 100% plug-and-play accessory and we are happily sharing this with you.

Its features include a mobile app to help you set it up and do some customization based on your preferences. Also, there is a signal-strength light that helps you find the best place for installation. It also has an ethernet port that lets you create a wireless access point or connect either a game console, Blu-ray player, smart TV, or streaming player to your WiFi network was also found there.

Truly, most WiFi extenders have attracted positive reviews from customers all over the world. There are many good extenders out there capable of removing dead zones in your house. We aren’t condemning any, rather we want to increase your options so that you will make wise decisions and possibly save your hard earn money.

Like all other signal boosters in the market, it extends the existing signal in your apartment, thereby giving you unlimited access to the internet. You can easily customize things the way you want them.

It is capable of taking an existing 802.11n (wifi standard 4) wireless signal of your wireless router and extending its range. It also works with standard 5. It supports a 2.4GHZ wireless network connection with an amazing transmission speed of up to 300Mbps. You can easily reposition it to any place you want provided that it is within the wireless network.


WPS (Wifi-protected setup): This feature will help you to connect or synchronize your router with your extender by just pressing a button. You can also do it through the login details of the router but that in some cases takes unnecessary time. WPS is a great feature to have in your extender. Just by pressing some buttons, you connect them and it is secured.

MOBILE APP: This extender comes with a downloadable app that helps you to initiate some control remotely.

LED INDICATOR LIGHTS: This has some indicator lights to enhance your experience. The signal strength indicator will tell you the suitable place to install the extender for better coverage while the WPS light will tell you if the WPS command is initiated.

ETHERNET PORT: If you are looking to improve the speed of connection for your Gaming PC, laptop, Smart TV, or gaming console, you can make use of the port and it will work fine. This will work if you are okay with some wiring, we understand that most people want to eliminate wiring.

TWO INBUILT ANTENNAS: This wifi extender has two antennas. One is for transmitting while one is for broadcasting the signal.

MODE SELECTOR SWITCH: This feature helps you to select one out of the three modes. Your selection is determined by what is already existing in your home network and other things similar to that. The mode to choose from is Wireless AP, Wireless Repeater, and Router mode.


Dual internal 3D Antennas

High-performance cooling vent


Login Password: admin

Wi-Fi SSID: Signaltech Wifi Boosters

Wi-Fi Key: no

LAN Port

WAN Port

Reset Button



Mode selector

Signaltech wifi booster reviews
Signaltech wifi booster reviews


Open the administration page

Once connected, open a browser and type or in the address bar.

Select the network setting option and open it

Choose Network password setting

Follow the instructions and choose the password

After setting it press the enter key


Generally, all wifi boosters need to be powered to start working. So you must have access to a power supply. Like other popular extenders, there are two ways of connecting this to your router. One way is by following the router login details or by using the WPS button in the router.

In using WPS, simply push the WPS of the router, the LED lights start blinking, telling you that the router is looking for a device to connect with. Then press the WPS of the extender and the extender is connected to your home router without doing that kind of long game (entering some long username and password). Note that you must press the two buttons within 2 minutes otherwise, the WPS of the router will reset and you need to start the process over again.

But in some cases, this doesn’t work. Read your router manual well and check if it supports WPS otherwise use the login details and connect your router to your booster.

For best results, it is advised to install your extender halfway between your router and the place you want to push the wireless signal. If you do otherwise, you might not get the result you want.

There is a provision for a signal strength indicator light in the booster. It is generally advised to avoid any location where the signal strength is below 2 bars. So even though you are within the midpoint, take note of this. Please follow the user manual to get more information.

In Router Mode The Device is connected to a DSL or cable modem and works as a regular wireless router. This model is fit for an environment where Internet access from DSL or cable modem is available for one user but more users need to share the Internet.

In Wireless AP Mode the device is connected to a wired network then transforms the wired Internet access into wireless so that multiple devices can share the Internet. This is used where there is no wireless signal.

In Wireless repeater Mode the device takes an existing signal, then amplifies it, and extends its range This mode is especially useful for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners. This model is fit for a large house, office, warehouse, or other spaces where the existing signal is weak.


The wifi extender picks an existing and weak signal from your home network, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts it to some hard-to-reach areas. It has some complicated electronic systems designed to do the work. all extenders need power which is usually supplied from a socket.

Any signal booster starts work when it notices the connection between your router and your wireless devices with the wifi turned on.

Okay, The transmission is captured by the booster and returned or pushed into your cell phone with wi-fi enabled. The wireless sends the booster the information before the router receives the transmission. After the router has accepted the information, it relays it to the web servers. Having completed this, the process begins once again.

Pros And Cons Of Signaltech wifi booster (Signaltech wifi booster Review)

The amazing pros of the Signaltech wifi booster include:

1. It is very portable and lightweight: This is the unique feature of the Signaltech wifi booster. It is light and can fit perfectly in your hand

2. It is very fast in connection: You are provided with a fast internet connection of up to 150 MBps. This is a suitable speed for downloading all sorts of files and even for live streaming.

3. It has a generous security feature that public Wi-Fi does not provide.

4. It can work anywhere anytime.

5. Multi-Device connectivity: You can use up to 10 devices with the Signaltech wifi booster. From smartphones to laptops to tablets, you can all use these devices with the Signaltech wifi booster. There is no worry of a slowing down in connectivity when all these devices are connected.

6. SIM card functionality: There is a SIM card slot provided with the FLEXIROAM SIM which comes already allocated with a 500MB allocation. You can also use another SIM card after you use the 500MB allocation.

7. QR code connection: You can connect to the Signaltech wifi booster by scanning the QR code that is displayed on the screen of the device. This is apart from connecting to it through your Wi-Fi settings.

8.  Long lasting battery: There is a 12-hour window of use when you charge the Signaltech wifi booster fully.

9. Warranty: There is a one-year warranty once you purchase the Signaltech wifi booster in case of any manufacturing defect.

10. Power ON and OFF feature: You can shut down the Signaltech wifi booster easily once it is not in use so as to save the battery life and you can equally turn it back on.

Cons Signaltech wifi booster includes;

1. It cannot function where you have an internet dead zone.

2. It can only be gotten online

Signaltech wifi booster Reviews

Where can I buy Signaltech Wifi Booster?

The company website. You can check if there is any other place. We recommend the official website for all our readers. Apart from the 50% discount, they have promised you can get exactly what you buy.

Again there is a 30-DAY GUARANTEE In case you don’t like it again. Their return process is simple. I’m sure they will listen to you.

This is our findings, hope is helpful.


Their Return Policy lasts 30 days and it takes effect from the time you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since delivery of your purchase, unfortunately They can’t offer you a refund, exchange or price equivalent in store credit.

Is signaltech wifi boosters legit or a scam?

No, it is not a scam but if you do otherwise, it might look like One. We have used it and it works fine. We observed everything noted by the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, it also depends on what you expect from it. Some see it as what can solve all the internet woes. You might be right but Its performance has a direct relationship with the router you are using and another host of factors that have been explained before.

Again you might need more than one for optimum performance. Most people think that one extender can carry the whole apartment. Sometimes it works depending on some factors but most times it doesn’t work. Poor design might Force you to say that it is not working. It works for us and we are happy to have them.

So if you use it well, it will work but if you don’t you might call it a scam. It has attracted positive reviews from customers around the US. We present some of them here.


While it’s tempting to think of a WiFi range extender as a device that can beam fast, reliable WiFi throughout your home, it’s more like a spot fix for the dead zone in your bedroom or attic-turned-home office. Please take note. We saw this on the consumer reports website while preparing this work and that’s just the truth. In most cases, you might need more than one extender to solve the whole problem.

Signaltech wifi booster can expand the range of your wireless network. But their effectiveness is limited by many factors including the speed of the internet connection coming into your home, the distance from your router, the areas in your home in need of WiFi coverage, and the WiFi demands of your family.

Honestly, before you think of buying a wifi booster check if your existing router is updated. If not, try to update to a newer version. Maybe it will get to your room, office, or any other place you need internet access.

Ok, that is updated.  try, if possible, to re-install the router to some point closer to the place you need the internet. If this can’t work then you need an extender. There are many to choose From. We are okay with Signaltech Wifi Booster so will recommend it if you definitely need one in your home.

Note that it is difficult for one extender to cover your entire home. You may likely need more than one extender for complete coverage. It is also not advised to daisy chain two extenders together.

Again, in some cases, you might not need an extender. The extender works fine if you have a specific area you want to get more signal but for things like the whole building, I don’t think this might work fine for you. You may look for a mesh router but the problem is the cost. But for a specific area, an extender can serve you well.

“It features dual, built-in antennas that can boost your WiFi range like you wouldn’t believe! I only use one of them, and it gives me a strong, steady WiFi signal throughout my house!”…..I remember hearing from the person who introduced this product for it. Sincerely speaking, you might need more than one but I know it is working.


As we are preparing this review, we discovered some questions being asked by people. We pick the most relevant and most asked questions.

See some of them.

Is there a limit to how many device that will connect to the extender:

 No, there is no limit, so you and your family can all connect to the extended Wi-Fi signal no matter where you are in your home. But we advised you to avoid too many connections as this might affect the speed.

Can l move this after it’s been installed?:

Yes! Unlike your router, it does not have to be plugged into a phone jack, so you can relocate it to any outlet in your home at any time! But make sure they are not too far away from the router.

Does this work with my older devices?

Yes, it works with computers, laptops, phones, smart TVs, and more! Any model, any generation— if it connects to Wi-Fi, it can connect to it.

Can l install multiple signaltech wifi booster’ for an even stronger, more spread-out signal?

Yes! With additional Signaltech Wifi Boosters, you can extend your wireless internet signal even further and create an even stronger connection for all your devices, but a daisy chain is not recommended, so don’t do it.

Where should l place the device?

The ideal location is halfway between your wireless router and your computer, but the device MUST be within the wireless range of the wireless router, hence look at the signal strength indicator of the booster, if it is below 2 bars avoid that position.

Can I use the WPS method to connect my device when my router is using WEP?

WPS supports WPA/WPA2 security, if your router is using WEP security you will need to reconfigure the security setup of your router to WPS. If you are successful,  then connect.

Is the device secure?

The device supports WAP and WAP2 for protected setup (Wi-Fi Protected Access®: WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK).

Can I reset the device to factory settings?

YES, Find the Reset button on the side surface of the device, then plug the device to power, and wait for a few seconds. Then press the reset button for about 3 seconds, the device is reset.

How to make signaltech wifi boosters secure?

By using the WPN security system and more security modes like using a password etc. You can easily make it secure.

How easy is the signaltech wifi boosters fireware update process?

The Signaltech Wifi Boosters firmware update in comparison to the other extender is very easy. Through the system update menu, you can easily update it with a new and latest version.


Happy to see you here, Hope our review is helpful. As you can see, this is our findings, if we have an update we Will do that immediately.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Truly, This will instantly extend your internet signal without any service upgrade. Enjoy wifi speed up to 300Mbps. Super versatile and flawless performance Makes this the wifi accessory to beat. I’m sure you won’t regret getting this extender

The Signaltech Wifi Boosters wifi booster is unquestionably a next-generation wireless extender that comes with the latest technology. This technology makes it compatible with working any standard access points, 802.11 standard wireless routers, or more.

Sincerely speaking, most WiFi extenders Will work provided you obey simple rules guiding it. We recommend you try SIGNALTECH WIFI BOOSTERS, we loved it and we think it will do a great job for you. Thank you.

NOTE THAT Testimonials appearing on this site are received via a variety of submission methods from actual users of the products. They have been provided voluntarily and no compensation has been offered or provided. The results may not be typical and cannot be guaranteed.

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