Smarty Security Bulb Reviews 2022[New Update]: Best Light Bulb Security Camera.

smarty security bulb reviews
smarty security bulb reviews

The advent of technology brought much-needed improvement to the security systems used worldwide. In the past, you would need a foot walker or soldier to secure a place for you. Most countries relied solely on the expertise of their land soldiers and mercenaries for the transmission of security information and setting of their security structure. This, in a significant way, slowed response to dangers and left lapses in the different security aspects of most nations.

Technology has, in a significant way, changed the narrative. Now, some systems and devices can help you monitor an area from the comfort of your home and even another country. You no longer need to be physically present in a place to get accurate information about what is happening in that particular place. You can also give orders and pass out security signals without having to do that through human beings, as this introduces laxity and sometimes misinterpretation of commands.

In this Smarty security Bulb Review, I will be introducing a product that promises to help you keep your home safe. This is probably not the first time you are hearing about a device that can help you secure your home even in your absence. In this Smarty security Bulb Reviews, we will find out what makes this product unique and the new thing the manufacturers are offering its intended users.

What is a Smarty security bulb?

This is an easily installable light bulb security camera that is easily connected to the home wifi and used via a mobile application that can be installed across android and iOS phones without any hitch or delay.

The Smarty security bulb, just like some other security bulb devices you have heard of, is meant to be installed in front of your door, homes and offices, and you will be able to monitor what’s happening in our homes and offices when not around.

The Smarty Security Bulb has a light bulb with built in PTZ camera functionality which makes it a blend of LED lights and surveillance cameras in a single device. As a result, the Smarty Security Bulb provides illumination (as with every light bulb) and, in addition, surveillance of places and buildings. With smarty security bulbs be rest assured that your offices and homes are safe from thieves and people who spy on your homes.

Smarty Security Bulb is loaded with features that make it stand out in the home and office as a security gadget.

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Technical Specifications of the Smarty Security Bulb.

Sensor: RGB 1080P 1/2.9 inch CMOS

Lens: 3.6mm standard lens

Resolution: 1080P(19201280) 720P(1280720) optical

Pan/Tilt Angle Level: 355° ,Tilt: 120°

Mini Sensitivity: 0.02Lux

Infrared night vision: Maximum support 10 meters, 4pcs Array LEDs + 4Pcs White LEDs

Compression: H. 264 dual stream

Audio format: G.711A

WiFi protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Video control: Support

A two-way voice: Support

Motion detection: Support

Automatic tracking: Support

Alarm action: Email alarm sent/real-time alarm information push

Audio channel: Built-in MIC

TF Storage Max support: 128G TF card

Cloud storage: Support

Power supply: E27 110V-240V

Power waste < 10W

Working temperature: —20℃~ 80℃

Working humidity: 10% ~ 95% no condensation

the smarty security bulb reviews
smarty security bulb reviews

Features of Smarty Security Bulb

When it comes to features, the Smarty security Bulb is one of the most intriguing on the market.

IR Day and Night vision: Smarty security Bulb captures high-definition HD videos in high resolution. With the 1080p IR night vision camera, you can see who is at the door even when it is dark outside. Burglars may attempt to take advantage of the darkness, but Smarty security Bulb will keep them at bay. It will capture and document everything that occurs for the sake of security and accountability. With this Smarty security Bulb, you can be rest certain that your home is completely safe and secure.

Advanced motion detection and GEO fencing alerts:  These two features set Smarty security Bulb apart from the competition. It has the capability of detecting any movement in the area where it is placed. It detects when a guest approaches the door and sends an alert to the home’s owner and also when someone enters where it is located. Whenever your pals pay you a visit while you are away, as well as when burglars attempt to get into your house, you will be able to see it. In addition, it has a wide field of vision. Not only can it defend the front entrance, but it can also protect a large area of your property.

Easy installation: In contrast to wired security bulbs, which are far more complex to install, the Smarty security Bulb is wireless and extremely simple to set up and use. Simply choose an acceptable location for your Smarty security Bulb, mount it, and download the necessary App to connect to Smarty security Bulb so that you can stream anything that is going on in your home or business.

Wide field of vision: The sensor of the Smarty security Bulb has a wide field of vision and may be able to cover a huge area of your complex if the gadget is placed in the right location. Visitors outside your door will be detected, and it will collect and store footage of everyone who enters or leaves your premises. 170 degrees in the horizontal direction and 90 degrees in the vertical direction are the viewing angles on this camera. Smarty security Bulb wide-angle cameras allow you to get a full view of the person who comes to your door while also keeping a watch on your front yard and other surrounding areas.

A rechargeable battery with a long life span: Many people believe that a wired security bulb is superior to a smarty security bulb. What happens, on the other hand, when there is a power failure? In this case, the smarty security bulb which has a rechargeable battery surpasses the competition by a significant margin.

Quick Notifications: A smartphone alert is sent when the smarty security bulb detects any movement or sound in your home or in front of your door. It also allows you to broadcast live video to your phone over Wi-Fi. You can see who is approaching your home even before they knock on the door. It is compatible with mobile devices running both Android and iOS. During the installation process, you will have the option of downloading the App to your phone and connecting it to the smarty security bulb.

Great Sensors: The motion sensors that have been included in the device are highly effective. Whether a visitor approaches your door on intent or by chance, the motion detector on Smarty security Bulb will detect it and send an alarm to your smartphone.

It allows you to take immediate actions: Thanks to the prompt smart alert that Smarty security Bulb sends to your phone. Smarty security Bulb is incredibly intelligent, notifying you as soon as motion or sound is detected near your home. It is also extremely affordable. This enables you to examine the issue and decide what is going on in a timely manner.

Benefits Of Smarty security Bulb

Users Enjoy A High-level of Protection: When it comes to safety, Smarty security Bulb provides a high level of protection for its customers. Users may stay up to date on what is going on in their homes and outside their doors whether they are at home or away from their residence. It is not necessary for users to open the door before viewing their outside if they are at home. This is made possible by the use of a smarty security bulb. If an uninvited guest pays a visit to your home when you are present or absent, you will be able to view the individual and everything they do to your home when you are back.

Add Worth To Your Property: If you are in the real estate business or if you are a homeowner who wants to sell your home, installing Smarty security Bulb may increase the perceived value of your home in the eyes of those who are seeking for a place to live. As a result, you will be able to sell your home more quickly as the statistics demonstrate that home buyers respect and value the security that comes with the homes they are considering purchasing. In other words, if you are a homeowner or even better, if you are in the real estate business, you should consider Smarty security Bulb as an investment rather than a waste of money.

Provides A High-quality View Of Visitors: Smarty security Bulb provides a high-quality view of anybody knocking on your front door. It also demonstrates that you can notify a visitor whether or not they are welcome, and that if you are absent from home, you can advise them of your absence if it is a buddy who has dropped by to greet you without prior knowledge of the situation.

For those who receive packages from shopping firms or solicitors and are not sure who the sender is, you can instantly get a clear view of them without having to peer through a small hole in the door or worry about the sender’s identity being compromised. The Smarty security Bulb captures a large area in high resolution, allowing you to clearly see who is at your front door. It is for this reason that a high-quality security bulb, such as the Smarty security Bulb, is required.

No More Missed Packages: One of the many things that can be unpleasant is being at home and missing your package delivery because you were unable to hear the knock due to a variety of circumstances. Smarty security Bulb is particularly useful since it can be connected to the user’s cellphones, allowing them to receive notifications anytime there is a detection of someone approaching their home or office.

Top-class Video Capture: Smarty security Bulb are also equipped with the capability of recording video footage of your front door. If there is any suspicious activity outside your front door, you will be made aware of it. As an added bonus, if there is a successful break-in into your home while you are away from work or on vacation, you will always have a piece of proof that you can hand over to the authorities when you return.

If you suffer a loss of property as a result of the break-in, you may always report it and get your items returned as long as you have video evidence to support your claim. In the event that a property is not found, the burglar may be asked to provide you another replacement. In part because the Smarty security Bulb is so effective and well-known, criminals are less likely to target homes with it since they know they will be spotted and may face a jail sentence.

Is Smarty security Bulb Really Effective? Legit or Scam?

In order to help both home and business owners improve their own safety and the protection of their property at their convenience, Smarty security Bulb have been introduced to the market. security Bulb are modern-day technological developments that enable individuals, including house renters and homeowners, to safeguard their property from the outside by allowing them to watch and operate their security cameras.

Homes with Smarty security Bulb are more secure, safe, and convenient. With Smarty security Bulb, households can now be monitored more simply than ever before, which is why Smarty security Bulb have risen to become one of the most popular must-have digital items in homes. security Bulb is a great addition to any security monitoring system because of its seamless integration. It provides excellent security and comfort.

While some smart security bulbs are jam-packed with features and prohibitively expensive to purchase, others are mediocre at best. The camera quality on some of these security bulbs is poor; they have a bad connection, send out late alerts, have a shorter usage term, and do not have a camera that can see from all angles.

However, Smarty security Bulb is an extremely effective and reasonably priced security Bulb It can be purchased for under $100. Users of this excellent piece of technology can be alerted when someone (known or unknown) arrives at their homes and doorstep through the use of cutting-edge technology developed by the manufacturer. This technology can be used whether the user is at work or on vacation in a far-off land.

How Does Smarty security Bulb Work?

Smarty security Bulb works exactly the same as any other security Bulb on the market. Through Wi-Fi, it delivers real-time video to your mobile device. The Smarty security Bulb is compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4G networks, and its app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Depending on whether you have an Android or an iOS smartphone, you may download it from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, respectively. Double-check to see that the app is correctly connected.

Smarty security Bulb is impervious to the elements – weather-resistant. Temperature fluctuations have little impact on its sensitivity and accuracy. The camera’s lens is also incredibly sensitive, which makes it ideal for shooting in low light conditions. The field of view has been significantly increased, allowing you to look into every nook and cranny of your house and property all the time.

Install the app and follow the instructions provided by it to complete the installation. Turning on your Smarty security Bulb will allow it to perform its functions. It’s fairly straightforward and uncomplicated.

Why Choose Smarty Security Bulb?

The Smarty security Bulb has a 170° wide-angle video lens, which allows you to see the entire person when they approach you. What makes the Smarty security Bulb even more remarkable is its long-lasting battery, which may last for up to 5 to 8 months on a single charge, according to the manufacturer.

Smarty security Bulb comes with a slew of unique features that are both more modern and more functional than those found in ordinary security Bulb. Despite the fact that the Smarty security Bulb is inexpensive and easy to use, it allows its users to have two-way contact with those who come to the front door. When combined with a 1080p camera, this fantastic piece of technology produces a video that is crystal clear. All of the fantastic features that come with the Smarty security Bulb will ensure that you always have high-quality discussions, even when you’re away from home for an extended period of time.

Where To Buy Smarty security Bulb?

The Smarty security Bulb is only available for purchase via the company’s official website which can be assessed through any of the links in this article. We recommend that you do not purchase anything from anyone since they may be fake, for your own protection and the security of your personal information.

Smarty security Bulb is currently not available on any third-party website like Amazon, Ebay, Wish, AliExpress, Walmart, etc. There is also no offline market for the product. All purchases are to be made online and on the official website of the manufacturer by either your debit cards like Mastercard, Visa card, Amex, Discovery or your PayPal account.

smarty security bulb reviews
smarty security bulb

How Much Does Smarty security Bulb Cost?

1 Smarty security Bulb unit is being sold at $29 and two units go for $59. for two units if you don’t get a discount. Although the price varies depending on the quantity of Smarty security Bulbs you want to purchase, you will receive a greater discount if you purchase more than one security Bulb. However, you have the following prices if the promotional discount is applied:

1 Smarty security Bulb unit: $29 each

2 Smarty security Bulb units: $59

smarty security bulb reviews
smarty security bulb customers reviews

Final Verdict On Smarty security Bulb Reviews

There are a variety of security Bulb available, but the Smarty security Bulb, which combines cutting-edge technology, ease of installation and operation, and a competitive price tag, is the only security Bulb you will ever need! Unlike traditional security, the Smarty security Bulb offers a comprehensive home security system in one device. It allows you to keep an eye on your home from any location, and it ensures that you never miss a guest while you are gone.

The Smarty security Bulb has gotten overwhelmingly good feedback. Customers appreciate the high-quality video and the fact that they can engage with visitors from any location in real time. The video is crystal clear, and the adjustable field of view ensures that you capture the majority of what is going on in your home and front of your door.

The Smarty security Bulb is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to keep their families and property safe. It is essentially a complete monitoring system in a single package. When you are away from home, you will never miss a visitor because you will receive an alert on your mobile, which will allow you to monitor and record footage of everyone that comes to your door.

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