Vital Dash Cam Reviews 2024 (Updated): Don’t Buy Till You Read This.

vital dash cam reviews

Vital Dash Cam Reviews

A dashcam, short for dashboard camera, is a compact video recording device mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield to capture footage of the road ahead. It records video continuously while the vehicle is in motion and is commonly used for various purposes. Dashcams are popular for providing evidence in the event of accidents, disputes, or fraudulent claims, as they record real-time footage of the road and surroundings. These devices typically feature wide-angle lenses, and loop recording to overwrite old footage, and some may have additional functionalities such as GPS tracking, parking mode, and connectivity to smartphones for remote monitoring. Dashcams contribute to increased safety, accountability, and peace of mind for drivers.

What is Vital Dash Cam (Vital Dash Cam Reviews)

Vital dash cam is an effective and affordable dashcam that records clear HD videos. It monitors everything in and out of the car at any time. Capture every little detail with the car dash camera. It has a special Sensor that detects every motion around it, you don’t have to worry about anything as long as you have this dash cam installed in your car.

Vital Dash Cam can record videos for a pretty long time. You can park your car even in unattended public places for hours without any worries because your car is well protected. If you have ever had a problem of break-ins and you don’t know how to catch or detect the culprit, you won’t have such issues again once you have this car dashboard camera mounted on your car.

It can work for hours even when the car is off. It will record any event both within and outside your car. Whoever the culprit is, your Vital dash cam will capture the video which you will use as evidence if you wish to take legal action.

Features Of Vital Dash Cam (Vital Dash Cam Reviews)

G-Sensor Built-In For Collision Detection

The G-Sensor captures the force of a collision and locks the film to prevent overwriting when it reaches a pre-set setting, providing you with unquestionable proof!

IR Capable – Evening Vision Device

Automatic Night Vision ensures the car dash camera captures even the tiniest details in extremely low light at night and on the darkest roads in front of you.


A smaller dash cam, such as the Vital automobile dash camera, is less noticeable. Unlike other vehicle dash cameras, which compel you to compromise features like a huge screen for a low profile, the Vital automobile Dash cam keeps the screen while being incredibly small and compact.


The numbers denote the number of pixels or image units in the image. More pixels imply greater detail.

SD card slots

The automobile Dashcam has a memory card slot that may be removed. The recording time varies according to the video quality chosen. You may use any memory card size you choose, ranging from 8GB to 32GB, depending on your needs. 

Parking Watch

Simply turn on the parking monitor, and the dash camera will begin recording when it senses motion in the vicinity of the vehicle to capture any theft or vandalism attempts.

Suction mounting, On/Off

The suction mount with the automobile dash camera is simple to attach, remove, and carry when necessary, making it incredibly portable.

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Extendable Storage for Loop Recording

provides smooth loop recording, replacing older content (apart from restricted content) with new material when the card is full. An expandable memory slot allows you to update your RAM as well.

14-hour long recording time  

The Vital dash cam has a 14-hour long recording time limit. This is adequate to cover all daytime and nighttime activities. The majority of customers have praised this dash cam feature. They can monitor their young adults or drivers.

vital dash cam reviews
Vital Dash Cam Reviews

Benefits Of Using Vital Dash Cam

Using a dashcam can offer several important benefits for drivers. Here are some key reasons why people find dashcams valuable:

Evidence in Accidents:

Vital Dash cams provide a reliable record of events in case of accidents. The footage can be crucial for insurance claims and can help determine fault in disputes.

Protection Against Fraud:

Dashcams can protect drivers from fraudulent claims and staged accidents. The recorded video serves as evidence to refute false accusations and protect against insurance fraud.

Enhanced Safety:

Knowing they are being recorded can encourage drivers to adhere to traffic rules, promoting safer driving behavior. Dashcams can also capture unexpected incidents, such as reckless driving or road rage, promoting overall road safety.

Monitoring Driving Behavior:

Some dashcams come with features like GPS tracking and speed monitoring. This allows drivers and fleet managers to monitor driving habits and address any safety concerns.

Parking Security:

Dashcams with parking mode can record events that occur when the vehicle is parked. This can be useful for capturing hit-and-runs, vandalism, or theft attempts.

Lower Insurance Premiums:

Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who use dashcams. Having a dashcam may demonstrate responsible driving behavior and reduce the risk of fraudulent claims.

Documenting Road Trips:

Dashcams can capture memorable moments during road trips, serving as a digital travel log. This footage can be shared with friends or used to create travel videos.

Quick Settlement of Claims:

In the event of an accident, the recorded footage can speed up the claims process by providing clear evidence of what occurred, facilitating quicker resolution.

How Does Vital Dash Cam Work?

Installing the Vital Dash Cam in your car is as simple as it gets. Simply follow the steps below:

Attach the dashcam to the inside of your windshield, right under your rear-view mirror, using the suction cup attachment included.

You may turn on the dashcam once it is firmly in place.

Adjust the settings to allow automatic start/stop or the motion-activated sensor to turn on the camera when you’re not in the car.

You may now drive or park your car while the dashcam monitors the activity around it.

You may view the film immediately on the dashcam screen or by connecting the dashcam to your computer using the included data cable.

Pros and Cons Of Vital Dash Cam (Vital Dash Cam Reviews)

Pros: (Vital dash cam reviews)

  • Vital dash cam is very affordable and efficient
  • It is pretty simple and easy to use
  • You don’t need an eye witness to prove that you are right whenever an unwanted event takes place on the road
  • Always gives first hand evidence
  • Helps to prevent insurance fraud and false claims
  • Monitor your teenagers driving habits
  • Save yourself from a law suit.

Cons (Vital Dash Cam review)

Not available in retail stores

Limited stock

Frequently Asked Questions on Vital Dash Cam

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: This is a common question that most consumers ask when making an online purchase. Nobody wants to pay for a product that will take forever to deliver. Vital dash cam is shipped to you within few working days. The customer service is always ready to give you updates with regards to shipping.

Q: Can it take pictures?

A: Yes, it can. Car dash cam can take clear pictures. You don’t even need to do anything, just press the button once and you are done. You snap pictures of the car interior or vehicles in front of you.

Q: Can I retrieve videos from the dashcam?

A: Definitely yes, pretty simple! You can watch footage instantly on the unit or download it to your computer or smartphone or tablet. For videos you wish to save, you can transfer to an SD card.

Conclusion on Vital Dash Cam

Knowing that you have a record of your journeys can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, especially in challenging driving conditions or unfamiliar areas

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