6 Essential Skills all Entrepreneurs Must Possess in 2021

6 Essential skills all entrepreneurs must possess

An entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to translate vision into reality. His business may begin locally but finally end up becoming a global empire.

Starting a business is not really an issue but the ability to sustain the business is one of the qualities of any great entrepreneur.

Is Entrepreneurial Skill Inborn or Acquired?

This question has been a real tussle among many people. Some are of the opinion that you don’t need to learn about entrepreneurship that is inborn but if this true, what then is the essence of going for business seminar, college. Yes, you can be born with an entrepreneurial skill but you need to activate it to be able to hennas it to the full.

Financial freedom is one of the earnest expectations of most individual, history has proven over time that it does not just require college education. There are some necessary skills needed for someone who aspire to be an entrepreneur need to know to make a difference in this 21th century.

Many people believe that all you have to do to become an entrepreneur is to get a college degree and a high paying job. But is no longer applicable in 21st century. It has been noted that some of the renowned entrepreneur didn’t see the four walls of college but yet they are successful entrepreneur.

These are 6 basic essential skill any upcoming entrepreneur must possess

1.Ability to management your time 

Essential skills all entrepreneurs must possess
Essential skills for entrepreneurs(Time management)


Jim rose quoted that time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot create more time.

 Time is the most valuable assess available to all, but it depends on how you are able to make use of it. What most great entrepreneurs do is that before they start their day, they write everything they plan doing for that day in a book. By doing so you will notice that your day will be more productive.

In todays world many people are busy but not achieving much at the end. Time management involves making calculated use of your time. Time management takes time to develop it requires absolute discipline

There are skills you also need to have for you to be able to manage your time more effectively

These include

Start early

Ability to prioritize your work

Managing appointment


Goal setting

Why is time management important?

It helps you to achieve large works with a minimal effort

It makes your work more efficient

It creates time for you to be able to do other worksE

Time management distinguishes an employee from his or her fellow contemporaries

2.Communication skill.

essential skills all entrepreneurs must possess
Essential skills for entrepreneurs(Communication skill)

Communication skills are the ability to send messages that are properly and entirely received and understood by the target audience. It is a key in the world of entrepreneurs which you need to be able to express yourself and be able to convince people and for people to also believe in you.

Communication skill has been noticed to be one of the most difficult skill to learn. Developing a good communication skill enables you to do your work more effective. Communication skill is the key in maintaining strong relationship both with your colleague in the place of work or clients.

As an entrepreneur you must have the ability to communicate clearly to you workers. It is the most important skill that determine how far a company can go.

3.Learning skill

learning skill

This is the ability to learn and being open to new ideas. Warren Buffett said that the more you learn the more you earn. Learning skill which I guess is what made Warren Buffett what he is today.

Most entrepreneur believe that learning stops at the four walls of the college. I heard a great man saying that learning begins after graduating from college.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said that there is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination and finish with education the whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die is a process of learning. Learning entails reading material that will help improve your bank of information on your particular field and also listening to audio messages related to your field of interest.

Learning involves

Knowing the source of information to study

Having a good reading skill

Finding a time to study

4.Sales skill

Essential skill all entrepreneurs must possess
essential skills for entrepreneurs(sale skill)

This is the ability to convert your ideas, talent into money. You mustn’t have shop for you to be able to sale. It involves creating awareness of your products using different platform.

It involves you being able to convince people to buy your products. It entails confident, understanding you customers and effective communication

5.Problem management

Essential skill all entrepreneurs must possess

Being a great entrepreneur is all about problem solving. Human being encounters a lot of problems and challenges but the ability to solve the problem makes one a great entrepreneur.  

6.Leadership mentality

Group of People Sitting Indoors
6 essential skills all entrepreneur must possess

This is the ability to manage people and bringing out the best in them by encouraging, developing your employee. You have to develop the ability to translate vision into reality

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