SolBeam Reviews 2024 (Updated): The Best Tactical Flashlight.

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SolBeam reviews is about a high-resolution solar powered tactical flashlight
SolBeam Reviews

What is SolBeam? (SolBeam Reviews)

SolBeam is a high-resolution solar powered tactical flashlight that is equipped with special tools. It arrives with multiple flashlight modes that help to throw beams and lighten up dense and dark areas. It is a flashlight with a special tool for breaking glass in emergencies. It has two flashlights; one works as a normal flashlight which has a reflector to throw a beam of light for you and lighten up longer areas in the distance and the second works as a lamp with no reflector and can lighten up the surrounding area for reading.

The product is crafted with aircraft materials that make it durable and effective to carry at various extreme places. You may walk freely in forests and dark areas or even while driving. The metal finish makes it usable for breaking glass in an emergency. SolBeam is a handy tool to have as it easily adjusts to the hand and serves multiple purposes.

SolBeam is powered by Solar, three AAA batteries and also one 18650 battery and produces 200 lumens of brightness from the flashlight. The lantern uses COB (Chip on board technology) and has a lower brightness of 80 lumens. It also has a zoom capability for long range. It is made from aircraft – grade aluminum which makes it tougher and lighter at the same time than any other flashlight. It has three brightness levels; high, low and strobe modes.

Specifications of SolBeam (SolBeam Reviews)

  • Black color
  • 20,000 mAh lithium ion solar powered battery
  • It is both waterproof and shockproof. It has an IP66 level waterproof rating.
  • The built – in LED panels are very bright: 786 lumens. This LED light has three light modes- Still, SOS and strobe. It can also last up to 70 hours which is perfect in case of emergency.
  • Outport: 5V 1A/2.1A
  • Input: DC 5V/1A
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.7
  • Weight: 0.25lb
  • Silicone protective cover
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Qi wireless charging.
  • Powered by the solar. Features solar charging.

Features of SolBeam (SolBeam Reviews)

Solar Powered Battery: The SolBeam comes with solar powered battery. This is perfect for when there is a prolonged power failure or outage. With the lantern, you will not have to bother about staying in stark darkness when the blackout eventually comes. The ultra bright SolBeam light will illuminate your entire space.

It is Compact and Portable: The Solbeam is portable and compact. This is what makes it convenient and easy to be carried around. It has a compact design that makes it able to fit into a small amount of space. You can carry the SolBeam in your backpack in case you are going on a road trip or a camping trip.

It Needs No Electricity: We have already told you that the SolBeam runs solely on solar power. It has no need of electricity which is why it is called the blackout survival kit in the first place.

SolBeam has a solar powered batteries. This means that you completely do not need to plug them into a power socket before they can work, all you have to do is to expose them to sunlight and enjoy the illumination in the night.

It is Very Easy to Use: The Solbeam is very simple and easy to use. It is not required that you have a knowledge of solar technology or rocket science before you can be able to utilize the products included in it.

Why you should buy SolBeam Flashlight? (SolBeam Reviews)

We all live in this world where anything can happen at any time, so we should be prepared for any situation. For example at night, a power outage is quite a common situation and most people do not have any backup inverter or generator sets, then SolBeam Flashlight can be quite useful. It can also brighten up your home or if you go camping with family in some far away town and at night we want to eat dinner or want to read and require light. SolBeam can come in very handy in these situations. In emergency situations, if you want to break a glass window glass then a SolBeam flashlight comes in very useful.

SolBeam tactical flashlight has received the attention of various users and has gained extreme popularity over the internet. The LED feature of this emergency device makes it highly popular for various situations. The survival kit equipped with this light is best suited for craftsmen. It is crafted with aircraft materials that work like a torch and has a brighter resolution to lighten up the dark area. It has three AAA size batteries making it last for up to 8 hours consistently. The metal finish makes it scratch-resistant and is durable so does not break easily.

SolBeam Prices (SolBeam Reviews)

One (1x) SolBeam is $39.99 + shipping fee

Two (2x) SolBeam is $79.99 + free shipping *Most Popular Order*

Three (3x) SolBeam is $110.99 = free shipping *Best Value Order*

SolBeam reviews is about a high-resolution solar powered tactical flashlight
SolBeam Reviews

Pros and Cons Of SolBeam (SolBeam Reviews)  

Pros: (SolBeam Reviews)  

  • The SolBeam comes with a LED flashlight with an integrated solar panel that charges it when in contact with sunlight
  • It is waterproof
  • It does not need wires and batteries to function
  • SolBeam is extremely portable and compact
  • You can take SolBeam with you to road trips, camping,  and excursions to places  without electricity
  • SolBeamis fully portable and lightweight, making it perfect in any situation
  • SolBeam is long lasting, such that you will be able to use this survival for years
  • Every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free and fast delivery worldwide

Cons: (SolBeam Reviews)

  • SolBeam is not available in physical retail stores
  • You can only purchase SolBeam online, and it must be from the product’s official page
  • The ongoing 50% promo offer is only valid for the moment, it can be taken down at any moment from now

Where to Buy SolBeam

To ensure authenticity and access to the 30-day money-back guarantee and special discounts, purchase SolBeam exclusively from the official website.

SolBeam Amazon –SolBeam Reviews

Purchasing from other sources like Amazon risks receiving counterfeit products without the benefits of official purchase guarantees and customer support.

Does SolBeam Really Work?

Yes, the SolBeam really works.

Conclusion On SolBeam (SolBeam Reviews)

Solbeam is a gadget needed in every home both for camping activities and any outdoor activities. It has been in high demand since it came into the market. Many trusted review sites has given a 5-star rating due home bright and illuminating the flash torch has been.

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