WinterSecret Pro review 2023[Critical Update]. Don’t Buy Till You Read This!!

Wintersecret pro jacket review

Winter secret jacket: #1 US trending winter jacket

wintersecret pro review
wintersecret pro review

The season of winter is here again! Cold weather forces people to stay indoors with no reasons. Some say they prefer winter to summer. Relax! Every season comes with its own advantage and disadvantage.  However, the rising cost of electricity makes it impossible to turn on heating devices for long periods during winter.

Moreover, the burden of wearing heavy jacket sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, an innovative heat jacket which makes you feel relax, convenient while in the room or even when moving about and does not increase the utility bills.

However life does not have to be that stressful. That is why we decided to find something that will help you pull through the winter season, while saving your money and causing you no stress at all.

This is the wintersecret jacket. This new product has been shaking the market and we have decided to make it known to our customers.  

As the winter quickly approaches, many people are now going to have to decide between keeping themselves warm or having a feel of the winter. The usual costs involved in heating equipment can skyrocket at this time of year.

However, one can simply not skip out on the heating too, as it is nothing short of essential. As a result of this, many people are left with no option but to spend a huge sum of money in trying to keep themselves warm.

Luckily, it seems that there may be an alternative that aims to provide a unique solution to this predicament.

 Wintersecret jacket is the latest option in the market designed for people that wish to retain their comfort all throughout summer without having to deal with the usual issues such as extensive energy bills and wearing of heavy jacket which makes you feel uncomfortable.

This wintersecret review will take a closer look into the detail features of the wintersecret pro jacket. It provides to see if it is something worth using.

wintersecret pro review
wintersecret pro review

What is wintersecret Pro ?

Winter secret is an undervest equipped with heating pads which when attached to power bank it warms and protect the user from feeling cold most especially during is also waterproof, windproof and breathable  in the sense the effect of snow has nothing to do with you while putting on the winter secret pro.

This technological innovation contains a heat pad attached to the winter jacket which when powered by power bank is capable to keep the individual warm without feeling the effect of the winter.

One beautiful thing about this winter jacket is that is not that cumbersome when compare to other winter jacket and it is not heavy .

it does not make noise or interfere with your mobility while working around with it. Its silhouette is nicely fitted, with a slight cinch in the midsection, making the comfort factor pretty much perfect. You will feel very comfortable while putting on this winter jacket.

 WinterSecret pro jacket is versatile in the sense it can be use perfectly during autumn and spring days.

So if you are looking for new winter jacket this winter season or something for your wintry sports this will be a suitable one to add up to winter jacket wardrobe.

Technical specicifation of the power bank

 Battery: 7.4V 5200mAh Li-Ion
Operation time: Up to 10 hours (on low)

For the wintersecret jacket

Heated area: Chest, Upper Back
Heat levels: Three (Low 100°F, Medium 120°F, High 130°F)
Sizes: S to 3XL

Material: Polyester Shell, Fleece Lining

Best use                   casual

Gender                     male and female

Fabrics               recycle nylon plain weave

Lining fabrics      recycled polyester plain weave  

Windproof           yes

Waterproof         yes

Insulating            yes

Warmth           warmer

Hood                 yes

Back length     hip length

wintersecret pro review
wintersecret pro review

How to use wintersecret pro jacket (wintersecret pro review)

To use this device follow these simple step

  • Once you order and get your winterseceret pro unpack it.
  • Connect your power bank. The need of the power bank is to heat up the winter jacket up.
  • There is a special pocket where the power bank is meant to stay while it is heating the winter jacket. This is really amazing.
  • The winter secret pro jacket is very easy to use and you will really enjoy it  especially during hiking in winter.

What makes winter secret jacket so special

  • High-capacity Li-Ion battery
  • USB port for charging the jacket
  • Fabric blocks water and wind
  • Soft and comfortable fleece lining
  • Slim-fit design for an improved fit
  • Heats up very fast
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Safe for washing and drying
  • Collar area is heated too
  • Comes with a pre-heat function
  • Cuffs and waist are adjustable
  • Generous warranty
winter jacket

Does winter secret jacket work or it is a scam?

It works. The wintersecert pro jacket is not a scam but worth’s every penny paid for it. This product has gained a lot of positive reviews from valid purchaser of this wintersecret pro jacket. Most customer’s reviews point to the fact the jacket is not as cumbersome as other winter jacket but still maintains the warmth of the body.

Wintersecert pro is not a scam but rather an effective innovation. Currently it is gaining popularity and presence in a lot of online retail stores and are frequently ordered by customers. From the customers review wintersecret pro jacket is worth buying.

How does wintersecert pro jacket work?

First of all, when you wear the jacket you plug your power bank to it. The winter jacket has a heat pad with will begin to heat up depending on the temperature you set it.

The user can set the temperature level to any degree he wants, thanks to the wonderful adjustable heating gauge. The minimum temperature of this insulated winter jacket is 45 degree Celsius but u can definitely set it above depending on your choice.

Switching from one temperature to another makes feel more comfortable with this winter jacket and makes you to enjoy it more.

Benefits of wintersecret pro


This is the most valuable feature of this wintersecret jacket. It is quite portable to carry about especially during hiking. It is a great winterjacket to have in your wardrope especially during hiking.


Winter secret pro jacket is water resistance and you don’t need to be afraid to wash it because it is made of strong linen nylon which causes it to dries fast even when water splashes on it. However the only thing you should protect is the power bank because it can easily be damage by water.

Adjustable temperature buttons

Charging between the high, medium, and low settings is safe and can be done with a button on the jacket liner. You never have to worry about recharging batteries as the heated jacket does not consume much power. This winter jacket is made with fine linen nylon that makes it strong and can easily product from the cold harsh of the winter.

Good value for money

 Winter secret pro jacket is safe for everyone. What you only need is to get your own winter jacket and plug you power bank to it. However, it comes in different sizes. They have the adult size and children sizes. Very stylish with different colors. It has different colors you can choose from. The colors are nice.

 Double layered pocket

Wintersecret pro contains double lathered pocket that you can comfortable put your hand in order to avoid the cold of winter this tells you that the company has really thought about how people actually uses the coat


Wintersecret pro jacket is very light when it comes to weight. Its lightness makes it a great winter hiking jacket. It can also be pack up into a small size.

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Pros and Cons of wintersecret pro jacket.


  • Lightweight (only 5.3 ounce/150 grams)
  • Three easily adjustable heat settings, or can function as a regular jacket 
  • Lots of well-placed pockets with good zippers 
  • Good hood coverage and spacious collar 
  • Elastic cuffs and thumbholes to keep arms in place 


  • Can online be purchase online
  • Stock is limited
  • Zipper sometimes get stuck
  • Not good for overly strenuous activities
wintersecret pro review
wintersecret pro review

Wintersecret pro price

You can make an order through the link below. Purchase of this winter secret pro jacket can only be done on the manufacturer’s site. However, to save you stress of finding the manufacturer site the link below directs you to the original and valid site of the manufacturers, where you can purchase the winter secret pro jacket.

The company is currently running over 50% discount in price. When you make your orders using the link on this article, you will enjoy this discount. Below are the prices of WinterSecret Pro:

  • 1 for $67
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $134
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free for $196

Use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website.

What to Look out For why purchasing any winter Jacket like wintersecret pro


 Though some with added features like carbon fiber heating elements and more technical outer shell fabrics—which add stretch and weather protection—can raise the price another $50 to $200. Just note that some jackets are sold as a jacket-and-battery bundle, while others are only priced to include the jacket, requiring an additional battery purchase. If you plan on staying out for longer jaunts, it’s also a good idea to invest in a backup battery.


Heated jackets should fit like a typical winter jacket, allowing you to wear a few layers underneath for added warmth and comfort. So avoid those that fit too snugly, unless you’re doing something like layering the heated jacket under an outer layer, something motorcyclists might want. In that case, you want a jacket that’s svelte enough to fit under your go-to winter jacket without bunching and still allowing freedom of movement. So, again like a winter jacket, consider your intended use and conditions.


Naturally, all heated jackets come with the same basic feature—battery-powered heat. But to find the right jacket, consider how you’ll wear it—both in activity and duration. Those looking for extra warmth might be good with a heated vest, which delivers warmth but cuts down on both bulk and price. Others who plan on hours-long outings like outdoor sporting events or tailgating should look first at the battery lengths to help find a jacket that’ll deliver warmth for longer durations, as well as jackets that boast additional insulation like down.

Weather Resistance

The cold is merely one aspect of winter. When selecting a heated jacket, you also want weatherproofing aspects like a breathable membrane that lets internal moisture evaporate while blocking out the elements, or a DWR treatment that will shrug off snow and rain. If your ideal heated jacket doesn’t have that kind of protection, it’s a good idea to carry a weather-proof outer shell to toss over your heated jacket to avoid getting wet.

Customer’s reviews on wintersecret pro review

Oopps!I live in Indiana and have worn this jacket throughout the seasons for the past few years now. The jacket still looks new and is very comfortable. I have done work outside in freezing temps with just a single shirt on underneath and jacket setting to the highest, I felt comfortable. It is best to upgrade to the larger Amp hour battery if using for hunting or spending long periods outdoors. I would suggest a 6 amp/hr. battery for a longer use. Mary J.

Neat idea. Jacket is plenty warm on its own. Was hoping for a lighter jacket to use for hunting that I could turn on when I get cold. Battery life is okay but not impressive. Battery location is a little inconvenient but you get used to it. Anthony M.

 Haha! I catch my wife “borrowing” it and enjoying the warmth. Overall, an awesome jacket John Mark.


How many heating pads do I need?

At a bare minimum, look for a heated jacket that will keep your torso—chest and back—warm. This is typically accomplished with three or more distinct heating elements, all controlled at once, with low, medium, and high settings. But if you also want heated pocket warmers, heating at the arms, or additional heat at the collar (the latter of which is very nice for a motorcycle-specific heating jacket), look for jackets with additional heating options. Those models often let you dial the warmth by region, which allows for more customization and longer battery life.

How should I clean my winter secret pro jacket?

Winter secret pro jackets is machine washable—once you’ve removed the power bank. It can also go into the dryer. It’s often a good idea to use detergent suitable for tech fabrics (typically “gentle” versions do the trick), winter secret pro jackets can also be wash with hand.

How should I recharge my power bank?

Battery life can vary from a few hours to up to 8 hours, depending on which heat level you select. It’s always a good idea to recharge the power bank whenever you’re back inside, just to maintain the battery level.

Final verdict on wintersecret pro

With its extra-tough construction and excellent battery life, winter secret pro jacket puts itself in front of the competition. It is made with a stretch polyester, guaranteeing it can withstand heavy use in harsh winter environments. In addition, it has a FreeFlex mobility gussets in the armpit area, so you have improved freedom of movement.

To make sure you stay dry and protected, winter secret pro jacket is made for you. The shell gives you a good amount of wind protection too. We also want to note that this jacket comes with high loft insulation, so you can be sure it’s capable of retaining the heat it creates.

The heated areas are located on the chest, the upper back and in the front hand pockets. Heated pockets are somewhat unique for this jacket since no other jacket allow you to quickly warm up your fingers too.

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