Handy Heater Reviews 2023 (Updated): Don’t Spend a Dime On Handy Portable Heater Till You Read This!

Handy heater reviews
Handy Heater Reviews

Winter is coming and as always, everyone is gearing up to keep the cold at bay and stay warm. This is a period most people stay home because of the chilly weather and snow storms. It is a good idea to stay warm up to avoid the unpleasantness of extreme cold.

Experts say this winter will be extremely cold and there is a need to make adequate preparations.

There’s the option of wearing multiple thick clothing but that’s not the best idea, especially because you have to stay home. Most people prefer to have light clothing on at home simply because it’s more relaxing. The question then becomes, how do you dress simply during the approaching extreme cold season?

Now, this is where technology comes in. A lot of engineering has gone into manufacturing the perfect space heater. A heater that is compact, saves energy and keeps the home warm.

One gadget has been designed to meet this particular need. With a sleek design and fast heating features, the manufacturer promises it’ll transform cold and chilly places into comfortable, warm and cozy places.

This space heater also packs up multiple safety features to prevent overheating and keep the home safe. It’s easy to operate, compact and lightweight. A suitable housewarming gadget for modern homes.

Handy Heater is a gadget that has been designed to keep homes warm. It has been made available to take care of every family’s temperature concerns in the home, so they can concentrate on doing other productive activities while enjoying all the warmth and coziness.

This Handy Heater Review gives in-depth information about this homely device to enable would-be customers to make the best decision.

What is a Handy Heater?(Handy Heater Reviews)

Handy Heater is an amazing Wall Outlet Heater that keeps the home and indeed any living or working space warm and cozy while slashing Your Heating Bills. According to the manufacturers, it is 10 times faster than regular heating systems.

Space heaters like Handy Heater effectively provide heat to warm up a room using different technologies. They can’t heat up connected rooms, unlike central heating systems – they’re good for closed spaces. In simple terms, they are the solution to make a room comfortable and keep winter chills at bay.

Handy Heater is a Compact, Cord-Free Heater that’s small in size but BIG on Heat! Saves you money and heats up the room in a short period of time. Handy Heater Heats Up Any Room in Just a few minutes according to the manufacturers.

Handy Heater also packs up multiple safety features to prevent overheating and keep the home safe. It’s easy to operate, compact and lightweight. A suitable house-warming gadget for modern homes.

Handy Heater has been designed to take care of every family’s temperature concerns in the home, so they can concentrate on planning an excellent holiday season while enjoying all the warmth and coziness.

This portable gadget is built with great engineering heating features that give Handy Heater its amazing quality. It is built tough and designed to last. This Handy Heater review will explain why this particular heater has become a favorite in many households.

Features Of Handy Heater (Handy Heater Reviews)

The manufacturers claim that Handy Heater Has All the Features You Need in a Wall Outlet Heater! These great features make this heater highly sort after by many homes today.

Fast Heating

Unlike slow central heating, Handy Heater can heat up your room in just a few minutes.

Precise Temperature Setting

Set Handy Heater to heat your room at your desired temperature.

Built-In Timer

Set Handy Heater to turn off after only 1 hour, or let it run for up to 12 hours.

Silent Operation

Handy Heater is very quiet, and won’t disturb you if you’re working or sleeping.

No Messy Wires

Handy Heater plugs directly into a wall socket. No cords or cables required!

Handy heater reviews
Handy Heater Reviews

How Does Handy Heater Work? [Handy Heater Reviews]

Space heaters are small, portable heating devices that are generally used when the main heating system in a building is inadequate. Overall, if only one room needs heating, space heaters are a more cost-effective solution. Space heaters come in a number of different designs and can run on electricity.

Handy Heater works by utilizing convection or radiant heating. Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation into the room that directly heats objects and people who are close to them. These heaters are a better choice if only heating one room for a couple of hours and everyone will be within sight of the heater.

The primary component common to all electrical heaters is the electrical resistor.

When you turn a Handy Heater on, the electrical current that is produced heats up the nichrome wire components — better known as the heating coils — in the unit. Electrical energy is turned into heat as the current passes through the resistor. That’s why electric heaters are also known as resistance heating units.

The next step in the heating process depends on whether or not the heater has a built-in electric fan or not. If there is a fan, it will help draw cold air into the heater. The air passes over the heating elements and then is pushed out into the room — this is similar to how hair dryers work. This is also known as convection heating because the warmth is transferred through the air. Convection heaters are a good way to warm a space quickly by getting hot air to circulate around the room.

If there is no fan in the heater, air enters the unit from below. The airflow passes over the coils, is heated and finally finds its way out through the top of the device. This style of electric heating is known as radiant heating — think of a conventional electric stove with a heating element. (Handy Heater Reviews)

handy heater reviews

Why Do You Need Handy Heater in Your Home?(Handy Heater Review)

One of the reasons is because you need to Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Central Heating!

Handy Heater provides all the features you need to keep warm without draining your wallet. It’s the best wall outlet heater for chasing away the cold winter chills!

Just plug Handy Heater into any wall socket and it will fill your room with soothing heat in just 10 minutes! And with its extreme energy efficiency, you’ll save big bucks versus turning on your expensive central heating!

Here are some reasons you need to get Handy Heater:

Super small but packed with features

It’s so small that it can be carried everywhere, this makes for convenience as regards carriage. Serves both the home and workplace efficiently – Quickly transform cold and chilly places into warm and cozy spaces.

Handy Heater is an Energy Saver

The Handy Heater portable plug-in wall heater quickly heats up any room using 30% less energy than regular heaters (no more stepping on ice-cold floors). According to the manufacturer, it takes up as much power as a standard hair blow dryer and has a built-in timer. Saves the user both time and money. The only mini heater that brings warmth – while saving time and energy, unlike heaters.

Developed for Tough Conditions

This heater is built to last and is equipped with multiple safety features to keep the family safe. This heater overheat protection.

Time-saving Set-up/Easy to Use

No batteries, chords, complicated setup or maintenance. Does not require the services of an expert to install and use. It is used straight out of the box. It’s however important to read the manual of every product before use.(Handy Heater Reviews)

It has an Extended Air Distribution System

Handy Heater uses a robust internal fan to propel the heat outward in a continuous, expanding airflow. This allows the hot air to rapidly reach every corner of the room without decreasing in temperature.

Keeps Warm and Comfortable Everywhere

The full-orbital heat oscillating system in the Handy Heater allows it to evenly distribute the hot air from top to bottom, warming up even the freezing cold tiles on the floor.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Handy Heater uses built-in overheat protection for maximum safety. Internal sensors turn the device off when it gets too hot, protecting the entire family, furniture, and home from fire risk.

Hassle-Free Returns

Should the customer feel unsatisfied with the product, it can be returned for a full refund – no questions asked.

What Makes Handy Heater Unique? (Handy Heater Reviews)

According to the manufacturers, Handy Heater is the Ultimate Wall Outlet Heater

With Handy Heater, you don’t need to wait an hour or more just to heat up a single room! With its powerful 800 watts, Handy Heater heats up any room up to 250 square feet in just a few minutes, unlike slow central heating.

Handy Heater brings powerful heating wherever you go. You can use it wherever there’s a wall socket. Just plug it in and start heating. Handy Heater’s adjustable thermostat lets you create your perfect comfort zone in any room!(Handy Heater Reviews)

And since you’re only heating one room, instead of trying to heat your entire home, Handy Heater is much faster and more economical than central heating. It runs on just Pennies a Day!

Handy Heater is the Ultimate Space Saver as well

Handy Heater is the only wall outlet heater that fits into any wall socket. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. Handy Heater’s plug & play operation makes it extremely simple to use.

With its compact dimensions, Handy Heater is easy to fit into any room. And with its space-saving design it plugs right into the wall socket freeing up floor space from bulky space heaters and wires. Handy Heater is the perfect wall outlet heater for people who don’t want to clutter up their rooms!

Adjustable Thermostat

Set to your desired temperature (comfort zone) anywhere between 60 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built-In Timer Function

Set Handy Heater to automatically shut off anytime between 1 to 12 hours

Safety Tested

Advanced Safety Features make Handy Heater completely safe to operate

Saves You Money

Ultra-efficient ceramic heating technology to slash your heating bill. Operates on just pennies a day.

Benefits Of Handy Heater (Handy Heater Reviews)

As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to find warmth and shelter when temperatures dip down to uncomfortable degrees.

Thanks to today’s modern inventions like Handy Heater, not only is staying warm in winter possible, it also has several health benefits

Contrary to popular belief, drops in temperature and symptoms the body experiences from it are not a direct cause of getting sick. Instead, the cold can indirectly make one sick.

The following are core healthy benefits of keeping warm with Handy Heater:

Improved Overall Performance

Improved dexterity, flexibility and range of motion are just a few of the improved performance benefits that come along with keeping warm using Handy Heater.

When the body becomes cold it can be extremely difficult to focus on anything else, decreasing performance one would otherwise have in warmer climates. This home gadget can fend off cold and help maintain focus while managing to keep the body temperature at an optimal level.

Regulates Body Temperature to Changing Temperatures

It has variable heat settings to maintain a healthy body temperature. Handy Heater allows for temperature regulation, to choose what’s convenient and safe.

Less Prone To Injury

Heat not only improves blood flow to the muscles but also prevents injury by loosening joints. It goes without saying then, that Handy Heater helps keep muscles and joints working properly, reducing the risk of injury caused by falls.

Fends off Aches and Pains

Anyone who lives with arthritis or an aging body knows how the cold can quickly turn a good day into a bad one. For this reason, heaters are great options for anyone looking to fend off aches and pains caused by the cold.

Where To Buy A Handy Heater – Handy Heater Official Website

Handy Heater is available for sale from the official website. It is important to purchase from this site to avoid buying counterfeit Handy Heaters. When you make your order from the official website, you are eligible for a 50% discount and any other bonus that may apply.

How Much is Handy Heater? (Handy Heater Price, Discounts And Refund Policy)

Handy Heater is available for purchase from the official website. Here’s the price list of Handy Heater:

1 Handy Heater- $59.95

2 Handy Heater – $99.95

3 Handy Heater – $139.95

5 Handy Heater – $179.95

Refund policy

If you are not completely thrilled with your Handy Heater Simply send the item(s) back for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

If you are looking for more information on Handy Heater or need help with your Handy Heater order then award-winning customer service agents are standing by to assist you!

What Are the Benefits of A Portable Handy Heater Over a Central Heating System?

There are several benefits should you choose to use a portable heater such as Handy Heater instead of an expensive central heating system.

They’re Cost Effective

There are three main ways that portable heaters will save you money:

You will consume only as much energy as is needed to heat the spaces in your home that are being used. During the day, if most of the family is at school or work, just turn the space heaters off or down. Use a portable heater to warm the spots where people are working, cooking or watching TV and let the heat follow you around the house.

Portable heaters do not require any installation. Some units can be wall-mounted, but all can be easily moved and stored when the weather warms up. This saves you money on installation costs.

Portable heater maintenance is an easy DIY affair. Simply follow the guidelines set out in the user manual and keep the unit clean. There is no need for expensive service calls and regular professional maintenance tasks as there is with a heat pump or steam radiator system.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Portable heaters such as Handy Heater allow you to heat only the areas that you need to keep warm, so you use less energy overall. Almost no energy is wasted converting electricity to heat so you get the best use of the energy you pay for. They also help reduce demand for high-polluting petroleum products like oil and natural gas — especially if you choose green electricity providers. Infrared heaters are one of the most popular choices for those who are environmentally conscious.

They’re Versatile

Portable heaters provide a perfect solution to heat places where central heating is not a viable option, as in a shed, garage or unfinished basement. They also work well in homes that are still under construction or renovation.

In some situations, you may need to keep one room in your house warmer than the others. Perhaps an elderly relative is sensitive to the cold, or a family member has come down with the flu. Newborn babies or an aging family pet will also appreciate the extra comfort a portable heater will provide — without bothering family members who like a cool bedroom.

Where To Place A Handy Heater

Like most electrical and fuel-based appliances, you need to be mindful of where you place your Handy Heater. When choosing a location, keep the following aspects in mind:


You should place your heater in whichever location you’ll stay at for the longest time. In your room, put the device in that spot where the heat reaches your bed quickly.

On other occasions, choose a room where most of your family members will spend their time, such as your TV lounge. Also, keep in mind that things like furniture or other objects aren’t blocking the way – a high corner table or a similar position might be a good idea.


Secondly, your Handy Heater shouldn’t be near any dampness or leaking pipes. This can damage your heater and prove to be hazardous.

Select a dry place, away from any dangers of spills, leakages, and moisture. For instance, don’t place your Handy Heater in a bathroom. If needed, purchase a space heater specifically designed for use in basements and other common damp areas.


Never set them against a wall. Handy Heaters have vents at the backside, and placing them against the walls means blocking these vents.

Hence, always leave a gap of more than one foot between the wall and the heater for safety.

People and Pets

Another thing to remember is that you should keep heaters away from foot-traffic. Don’t place them at locations such as near a door or in a hallway where people and pets could mess with it or topple it over.

Keep is at a stable location and out of the reach of children and pets.

Handy Heater Safety Tips [Handy Heater Reviews]

Most heaters have several safety features and it is important to take precautions. Below are some safety measures to keep in mind:

Keep flammable stuff like drapes and clothes away from the device.

Don’t keep anything too near the heater – maintain distances of four feet.

Don’t fall asleep while the heater runs.

Try not to leave the room for too long when the heater is running.

Avoid using extension plugs – use the wall outlet.

Keep it at a place where it won’t topple over.

Any source of moisture should be kept away from space heaters.

Check to make sure your smoke alarms work properly.

Keep it away from the reach of pets and children.

Make sure it’s in good condition – clean filters and no damaged cords.

Buying Guide For Space Heaters – Things To Consider Before Buying A Portable Heater

Type of Heater

Consider the mechanism of the heater. Do you want quick spot heating through an infrared or radiant heater? Or would you rather wait a while and heat up the whole room through convective heaters?

Also, think about the power source. Electric heaters are easier to maintain but are costly to run. On the other hand, combustion space heaters, such as those that use propane, are cheaper to operate but need regular refilling.


How big is your room? Consider this when buying a heater, as every heater can support a certain number of square feet.

The higher the wattage, the more heat it can provide. Check the specifications of your selected heater to make sure it supports the size of your room.

Safety Features

Safety always comes first. So before you get distracted by other unique selling points of the space heater, check for safety features.

Your heater should turn off automatically in case it topples over. Also, look for exteriors that don’t get hot and are safe to touch.

Space heaters also have sensors that shut the thing off when the internal temperature gets too high. You should also look for certifications that prove they’re safe to use inside households.

Energy Efficiency

Look for energy star rated models, as they will reduce running costs. Plus, if you’re part of the go green gang, choose electric heaters. They are generally more efficient and eco-friendlier, unlike combustion heaters, which release harmful gases.

Other Features

Some other convenient features you should look for include:


Portability (like having wheels and being lightweight).


Remote control

Quiet mode

handy heater reviews

Handy Heater Customer Reports – What Are Handy Heater Customers Saying? (Handy Heater Reviews)

“Running the central heating in my home was costing me a fortune! But with Handy Heater, I only heat the rooms I actually use – this helps me heat up my room much faster, and I’m saving a ton on heating costs, too!”

Jess L. – Fairfield, CT

“Thank goodness for Handy Heater! The heater in my small apartment barely worked, and I was freezing my behind off! Now I have the Handy Heater, and whenever it starts getting cold I just plug Handy Heater into my wall. It’s amazing how fast it can heat up a room!”

Martin K. – Los Angeles, CA

“What a relief it is to have the Handy Heater! The nearest heater in my home is in the hallway floor, and the heat would take forever to reach my bedroom. With the Handy Heater, I can feel the soothing heat within 10 minutes”

Thierry L. – Portland, OR

Frequently Asked Questions About Handy Heater (Handy Heater Reviews)

What is the heater coverage?

Handy Heater heats up to 250 square feet.

Where should I plug it in?

Handy Heater is designed for in-wall outlet use only. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock connect directly to a ground three-prong wall outlet. Do NOT use an extension cord. Please read all the important safety instructions before use.

Can I plug my heater into a timer or power strip?

No, we do not recommend plugging your heaters into anything other than your wall outlet.

Can I use an extension cord with this heater?

No, never use with an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/powerstrip). Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle.

How do you clean it?

To clean Handy Heater, first make sure it is turned off and unplugged from the outlet. Then wipe the exterior with a non-abrasive, damp cloth. Use a mild soap if needed. Dry with a soft cloth. Make sure it is completely dry before next use.

Will Handy Heater raise my utility bill?

No, Handy Heater is energy efficient. It draws little power compared to other heating alternatives and just costs pennies a day to run.

Final Verdict – Handy Heater Reviews

If warm winter ever becomes a saying, it has to be from those who have experienced the warmth and comfort this heating gadget offers.

Ever felt uncomfortable with the temperature at home? Tired of spending a fortune on traditional heating that’s not enough?

Handy Heater is a great portable device for keeping every modern home warm all the time. It helps reduce energy and it is specially designed in a stylish appearance to fit most home décor. Cold months are coming and with this device, one thing is certain, it can keep any space warm and cozy all day and night.(Handy Heater Reviews)

It will be a great choice to take advantage of this exclusive offer and be rest assured of a warm winter.

If you decide to purchase Handy Heater, then you can do so using links made available in this review, it will give you access to a 50% discount on the official website.

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